Protect your privacy! While having a webcam on your laptop provides a ton of benefits in terms of communicating with family, friends and work, there's also a downside. Few people realize that hackers can access that webcam and see what you are up to, potentially catching you in a compromising situation. For your protection, it's essential to have a webcam cover that opens and closes, allowing you to use your webcam when you need it and cover it when you don't, blocking hackers from seeing you. It can also be useful for times when you are talking to someone and you just need a few moments of privacy as you change your shirt or sneeze something awful. There are a ton of great webcam covers available online, so if you are interested in the best options, read on to learn more.

One of the best webcam covers on the market is the C-Slide Original Sliding Webcam Cover. Available on Amazon for just $5.95, this inexpensive camera cover easily fits over your laptop's webcam to stop prying eyes. The 3M adhesive tabs allow for easy attachment. Best of all, the cover is extremely thin, just 1mm in thickness, so it won't prevent your laptop from closing all the way. The simple to use sliding mechanism opens and closes as needed and is made of a high-grade plastic that won't damage your webcam's lens. Another version, available at Staples for $9.29, fits over tablets and laptops. It is a circular version that swivel closes and takes up less space on your device.

A similar webcam cover available at Target is even more affordable. The Handstands Webcam Cover 2pk at target includes two webcam covers for the price of one, so you can protect yourself and a family member from online stalkers. Like the C-Slide, it's ultra-thin. It fits over both laptops and tablets. The white version is available for just $2.99 and it's a small price to pay for peace of mind. For $3.49 at Target, you can get a black version.

The Targus three-pack is another terrific choice. For $9.99 at Best Buy, the Targus webcam cover is slim, secure and easy-to-apply. It won't create a gap that leaves your laptop open which can drain the battery. That also means you won't have to remove it. The sliding closure slides smoothly so it won't scratch your camera lens. Get a 10-pack at Dell ($21.99) for everyone in the family or keep some spares for other devices you may have in the future.

If you are looking for something smaller and more elegant, the Spy-Fy three-pack webcam cover is also available at Best Buy. It comes in black and gray. Made of metal, it's more durable than other options but should only be used if the space around the camera lens if flat. It's simple to install, it's thin and slides easy. Get the set for just $19.99 at Best Buy. Check out this option or any of the ones mentioned above and keep your family safe!