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5 Facts About Travel Insurance that Every Senior Needs to Know About

Travel insurance can be useful for a number of reasons, especially if you are a senior. As a senior, unexpected occurrences may arise, preventing you from being able to go on the trip you planned and already spent so much money on. Only with travel insurance can you do everything in your power to prevent wasting money that you've worked so hard to save for your golden years. Whether its illness you face, unexpected weather conditions, a death in the family or losing your job, travel insurance can protect you and the money you invest in your travels. With that said, here are five facts about travel insurance that every senior needs to

know about.

First, as a senior, you can get affordable travel insurance from a number of places including providers like Visitor’s Coverage.

Alternatively, you could go through the AARP, to get your insurance. For seniors 65 or older, you’ll get insurance coverage at an affordable rate.

Third, travel insurance protects the money you invest in traveling by covering you for any unforeseeable circumstances preventing you from going If you unexpectedly become sick or there is a suddenly death in the family, you don’t have to cut your losses. 

Fourth is that in addition to protecting you from unforeseeable circumstances before your trip, you can get protection during your trip. If you get sick during your vacation, travel medical insurance can cover you from hospital visits in other countries. If you try to get medical insurance from a non-US travel insurance because it’s cheaper, you probably might want to know that you can’t get it without a medical exam that may prevent you from getting coverage.

Lastly, seniors should be aware that travel insurance can provide coverage for the items brought along on trips. If you are carrying expensive clothing or jewelry with you, you may want to get coverage for these items that are expensive to replace.

Will you be traveling within or outside the United States?
Will you be bringing expensive clothing, jewelry, etc.?
Does your medical insurance cover you for hospital visits overseas?
Do you plan to book your flights, hotels, rental, etc. in advance?
Do the hotels you booked offer free cancellation?
Do you have rebookable or flexible flight tickets?
Will you be traveling for an extended period of time?
Are you or a loved one susceptible to illness?