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5 Ways to Score Free Dog Food

Trying to save money on dog food? A great way to do that is by taking advantage of free dog food samples. While that might sound too good to be true, getting dog food for free is easier than you'd think. The pet food industry is highly competitive, and companies often provide samples to win customers to their corners. Don't turn your back on free canned food and kibble -- here are five ways to score free dog food.

First, visit the websites of dog food companies and look for free sample programs. Even high-end dog food brands usually offer free trials or samples to new customers. Second, you can write emails or letters directly to the

dog food companies; tell them you want to try their products on a trial basis. Most won't say no.

Third, you can look on retailer websites for in-store deals and trial offers. You can find sample offerings from Walmart, Petco, Target and others. Fourth, you can just visit retailers and look for samples being advertised in the dog food sections. Small, independent pet stores also sometimes provide samples or free trials.

And lastly, follow your favorite pet food brands on social media. Dog food companies might offer giveaways or trial programs available for new customers, or they might offer free samples for new types of dog foods. It's easy to follow and costs you nothing.

Are you doing all you can to score free dog food? Take our quiz to see which option might be most worth your efforts.

Do you check manufacturer websites for dog food samples?
Do you follow your favorite dog food brands on social media?
Do you check retailer websites for trails and samples?
Have you ever written directly to manufacturers asking for samples?
Is this a dog food product you can afford at regular price?
Have you checked coupon blogs and websites?
Have you checked out online reviews of the dog food you're considering?
Have you checked with your local pet store?