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8 Little Known Facts About Wine Clubs Every Wine Lover Needs to Know

Wine lovers everywhere are jumping on board with the booming trend of wine clubs, and for good reason. Unlike wine clubs of the past, that typically sent you wine based on a few preferences, the wine clubs of today allow you to choose the wines you want each month, and you may even become a part of funding local or small wineries in the process. Think you might be interested in joining a wine club online? The top three to consider are Bright Cellars, Wine Awesomeness and Club W. Keep reading to learn more about these top wine clubs, along with eight little-known facts you might not know about wine clubs, so you can pick the club that's right

for you. 

Club W and Bright Cellars both use a consumer quiz to help select wine that will most closely match your preferences. While these quizzes are not foolproof, they do give club members a good starting point when choosing from hundreds of different wines, especially considering that wine selection is done entirely online and would otherwise be based purely off of reviews and wine descriptions. Wine Awesomeness, on the other hand, sends club members a monthly curated selection of wines based on that month's theme, which is great for wine lovers who don't want to read through dozens of descriptions to choose their wines or who simply want to try new selections each months that they may not otherwise have chosen for themselves. Members of Wine Awesomeness do get to choose whether they prefer white, red, or variety selections of wine, however, so if you have a strong preference for one over the other, not to worry. 

Before choosing which wine club you'll sign up for, it's important to understand some little-known facts, however. First, wine club shipments aren't available in every state, so you'll need to be sure you can have wine delivered before you sign up. And, if you do live in a state that lets you have wine delivered, be prepared to have someone over the age of 21 sign for your package when it arrives, since alcohol can't be delivered without a signature. Another fact you should keep in mind is that, while wine clubs are a great way to try new wines and diversify your selections, they aren't always the cheaper option to buying wine locally. So, if you're considering a wine club solely to save money, be sure to do your research to make sure you really are getting the better deal. That said, not all wines available through wine clubs are necessarily available locally, either. You should also keep in mind that not all wine clubs allow for returns or exchanges if you happen to dislike a selection, so be sure to read the fine print before you sign up. If you keep getting selections that aren't to your liking, however, you can generally cancel your wine club membership without issue. Most wine clubs are happy to let you customize your order, however, including Wine Awesomeness, so you can make sure you get wines you'll love. Lastly, some wine clubs may require you to verify your age before signing up and placing your order, so be sure to check the requirements before getting started and be prepared to verify your identity and age. 

If you think a wine club might be a good option for you, take the quiz below to find out which wine club would be best suited to your needs! 

How much do you prefer to spend on your membership?
Do you prefer to choose your own wines each month or have a curated selection automatically sent to you?
How adventurous are you with your wine preferences?
How many bottles of wine would you like to receive each month?
Do you prefer small, local wineries or larger, more well-known wineries?
What is most important to you in selecting a wine club?
What aspect of wine shopping do you dislike the most?
Do you prefer wines selected by a professional sommelier or do you base your decision on user reviews?