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8 Myths About the Kardashian Waist Trainer

If you've paid any attention to the Kardashians over the last couple of years, you've likely seen Khloe and Kim sporting their waist trainers at the gym. While waist trainers are nothing new, the Kardashians have certainly brought them back into the public spotlight, with women everywhere scrambling to buy their own waist trainers in order to get that perfect hourglass look that Kim Kardashian has made so popular. If you're thinking of trying a Kardashian waist trainer, there are some things you need to know before you get started. Keep reading to learn the eight myths about waist trainers, as well as the fact you need to use one properly. 


Kim and Khloe first started sharing waist training photos on the internet, there was one brand they swore by - Ann Chery. If you decide to get into waist training, your first step is to make sure the waist trainer you use is a quality brand and sized properly for your body. One of the biggest myths of waist training is that all waist trainers are created equal, and this is simply not true. Look for something with quality construction and a reputable brand, like Ann Chery or Kardashian. Another myth about waist training is that the waist trainer will be uncomfortable. However, a properly-fitted, quality waist trainer should never cause too much discomfort. The third myth when it comes to waist trainers is that you can put your waist trainer on when you buy it and wear it for as long as you want. Doing so, however, can not only damage your body, but may also damage your new waist trainer. Instead, wear the waist trainer gradually, and increase the amount of time you wear the trainer each day. Forth, many people believe that waist trainers are difficult to wear or put on, but this is not true. With a little practice, you'll be getting into and out of your waist trainer with ease! 

Contrary to popular belief (and as demonstrated by the Kardashian sisters), you can carry out all of your daily tasks in a waist trainer, including hitting the gym for a workout! Another myth to put to rest, however, is that waist trainers will help you get a smaller waist without the need for exercise, which is not true. While you may see temporary results from using the waist trainer alone, if you want long-lasting results, you'll need to combine your waist training with a solid exercise program. Waist trainers might also limit the amount of food you can consume, so be sure you're still getting the proper amount of nutrition, especially if you're also working out regularly. Finally, one of the most common myths about waist trainers is that they can do permanent damage to your organs. However, while long-term waist training may displace organs in order to make your waist appear smaller, there's no evidence that proper waist training will cause serious or long-term harm. 

Whether you choose a Kardashian-approved waist trainer or another trusted brand, be sure to buy one in your correct size and follow the recommendations for daily wear. If you're still not sure whether waist training is right for you, answer the following questions to find out! 

Do you currently have any medical condition that might make waist training inadvisable?
What is your main reason for wanting to try waist training?
Have you ever tried waist training before?
How much money do you have to spend on a waist trainer?
Do you currently exercise regularly, or do you plan to start?
How often would you be able to wear your waist trainer?
Have you researched the benefits and risks of waist training?
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