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8 Things to Ask About the All-New Ford Focus

The all new Ford Focus has character. Building upon the features that drivers already love about the Ford Focus, the new Focus has a sleek exterior, comfortable interior, and features that make you feel confident that you are driving a Ford. The vehicle is an enjoyable ride with the agility and accuracy you desire. The Focus is not just one of America’s most beloved sedans, it is also one of the most iconic contemporary hatchbacks. For 2017 and the fourth generation Focus, Ford has taken it to a whole other level. 

In terms of power, this generation of the Focus is not the most powerful sedan or hatchback you’ve ever driven.

However, it is very comfortable and the handling is impeccable. Depending on your drive style, you may appreciate the elegance of the drive. Fuel efficiency is great as well: It is estimated to get at around a whopping 37/42 mpg city/highway. That kind of mileage will save you money, and you don’t need to get the electric model to benefit. 

The 2017 Ford Focus will come in a variety of trims from the base S model to the sophisticated Titanium model. Most trims come with a 2.0L engine that generates 160 hp, but the SE comes with a 1.0L engine and the ST trims generates 252 hp. The SE, SEL, and Titanium trends come in both sedan or hatchback models. The Electric trim, which comes only in a hatchback, generates only 143 hp. Whether you want a hatchback or a sedan, no matter which trim you choose will have you riding in style. Are you interested in the all new Ford Focus? Take our quiz to find out which trim is right for you.

Does fuel efficiency matter to you?
Does a high horsepower matter to you?
How important are safety features?
What is more important to you?
How important is cargo space?
Do you plan to use this car to commute?
Do you frequently have passengers in the car such as family or friends?
Are you on a budget?