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Best Business Software

Looking to streamline your business operations? If so, the right business software program can help. From accounting software to tax-preparation software, the latest business software products can eliminate the need to hire an expensive third-party expert to help manage your business finances. With so many options to choose from, finding the right software can be difficult. Here, we'll help you get started by reviewing three of our favorite business software products. Read on to learn more about these great options.

First on our list is QuickBooks, a comprehesive piece of financial software that helps businesses of all sizes stay on top

of their finances. Not only can Quickbooks be used to track costs and revenues in real time, but Quickbooks can hep businesses see whether they're meeting or falling short of their financial goals. QuickBooks has a number of other useful functions, as well, such as printing receipts, tracking inventory, and so much more. Check out Quickbooks if your business needs some digital accounting muscle.

Another great business software product is Mint, available as an in-browser app at Think of this as a simplified version of QuickBooks without as many options. However, the great thing about Mint is that its online interface can be accessed by any of your employees at any time. It's much cheaper than Quickbooks, and it can also be managed via mobile devices.

Third on our list of the best business software products is TurboTax Business. This powerful tax-preparation software is useful for contractors and businesses of all types and sizes. Updated regularly, this software automatically generates the forms you'll need for your quarterly and annual taxes while also plugging in any applicable credits and deductions. When finished, you can schedule your taxes to be paid online. Paying taxes is easy with TurboTax Business, even if your company has complex finances. Take our quiz to see which of these software products might be best for your business.

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