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Best Online Homeschooling Programs

Tired of dealing with the public schools? Check out the best online homeschooling programs! With the top homeschooling systems, you can give your children the education they deserve at their own pace while avoiding the hassles of public schools like bullying and the public school system itself, so your child can learn in a comfortable, and relatively distraction-free environment. And with technological advances, children will still be able to network with other children in a controlled forum to bounce ideas off one another for more effective learning. The top homeschooling programs include Bridgeway Academy, Compass Charter Schools and

Calvert Education.

Bridgeway Academy offers online homeschool for Elementary, Middle School and High School students. With their Academy, your child will get a customized experience that will maximize your child’s learning and help them develop a positive attitude towards learning. Their 100% online programs are designed to give students the highest quality education possible. While many high school students are often unprepared for college, that’s not the case with Bridgeway students. The school also offers a Christian home school program and specialized programs for disabled students, military families, and international families too.

Compass Charter Schools and Calvert Education also offer incredible home school programs for students. Compass offers a rigorous online academic experience that is sure to challenge students in the best way possible, providing teacher-led virtual classes and office hours for on-on-one learning. And with summer session now available, your kid won’t have to wait for the fall. Calvert on the other hand, takes a classic approach to homeschooling, using time-tested curriculum and approaches for learning. And thanks to support available from certified counselors and teachers, your child will always have the help they need for success.

If you are interested in enrolling your child into home school, take this quiz to help you find one.

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Will your child seek counseling when needed?
Do you want your child to be part of a virtual classroom where they can interact with other students?
Would you be interested in enrolling your child in the summer?
Do you prefer more classic or modern teaching methods?