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Boot Camp For Teens: Should You Send Them?

If you have a teen who is spiraling out of control, whether it’s about drugs and alcohol, acting out, mouthing back or failing in school, you are probably at your wit’s end, right? You have to act now if you don’t want your teen to suffer lifelong consequences, especially if drugs or alcohol are involved. Having a teen who acts recklessly can be a very scary issue to deal with. Every time your teen leaves the house, you don’t know whether they will make it home safely or not. A parent’s worst nightmare is to deal with a troubled teen. That cherubic-faced little angel that you gave birth has suddenly become a sullen disaster as

a hormonal teenager, and figuring out how to properly deal with your teen can be frustrating.

Every teen has the potential to be difficult, but if normal, difficult teenage behavior turns into an unbearable or volatile home situation for you or your family, there are options to remedy the issues. Boot camp is one of those options. While sending your teen to a boot camp may sound a little extreme, take into consideration what will happen if you don’t do something drastic. Your teen will likely continue to spiral down the same slope of failure and dangerous behavior. Letting your teen participate in a structured teen behavioral program may be what is needed to get him back on track. 

If your teen is showing signs of serious behavioral issues, getting him into a boot camp can be a life-changing experience, and many teens come back from these programs as better people. Changed. Improved. Ready to do better. That’s the goal of these boot camp programs for teens, since they are designed to push the teen to be better, work harder and care about their lives and families more. Isn’t that what you would want for him as well? However, boot camps are designed for teens who display extreme behavioral issues, and are not appropriate for every teen who talks back or fails a class or two. Not sure if boot camp is right for your teen? Take this quiz to find out! 

Does your teen drink alcohol on a regular basis?
Is your teen using drugs?
Does your teen value spending time with friends over spending time with family?
Do your teen's fights with family members ever become physically violent?
Does your teen have a history of mental illness or is he under the care of a mental health professional?
Has your teen failed multiple classes or dropped out of school?
Has your teen been suspended or expelled from school due to severe behavioral problems?
Does your teen regularly disregard your rules?
Does your teen have a history of running away from home?
Does your teen regularly engage in high-risk or dangerous activities?