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How California Residents Who Just Turned 50 are Saving a Bunch on Insurance

Many California residents ages 50 and up are paying too much for car insurance -- are you one of them? Turns out, there are a few simple ways for older adults in California to lower their car insurance rates. Maintain a good driving record, and these tips can lower your costs for as long as you drive. Always shop around and compare rates when buying car insurance, because many insurance companies offer special discounts reserved just for older adults. However, you can do even more. Read on to learn how California residents who just turned 50 are saving a bunch on insurance.

First, did you know that adults in California and most other

states can lower
their car insurance costs by taking the AARP Smart Driver Course? This refresher course is specifically designed for drivers ages 50 and up. Areas of study include driving techniques, information about the side effects of medications, using automobile safety features, reducing distractions and more. Seniors who complete this course in CA can usually get multi-year discounts on their auto insurance policies.

Second, ask about low-mileage discounts. Many people ages 50 and up drive significantly fewer miles than younger Americans in their prime working ages. If you either recently retired or are nearing retirement, then you might save money by reconfiguring your car insurance policy to reflect your lower mileage.

Third -- and this one is really easy -- invest in a vehicle tracking system such as OnStar and LoJack. This is an especially valuable tip for seniors who don't plan on buying a new car anytime soon. These anti-theft devices make it easy for police to track down stolen vehicles, which is why most insurance companies offer discounts for people who get these systems. This is a great way for older adults to save money regardless of their driving records.

Of course, there are other ways people over the age of 50 can save money on their insurance, and it all starts with doing your homework and comparing policies. Take our quiz though to see which of our top three tips might be next on your to-do list.

Are you an adult at least 50 years old and living in CA?
Have you taken the AARP Smart Driver Course?
Do you drive fewer than 10,000 miles per year?
Do you live in a higher-crime area?
Do you have a good driving record?
Are you currently receiving discounts for having a vehicle tracking system and completing the AARP driving course?
Does your insurance provider offer special senior discounts?