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Which Cable TV Package Should I Get?

Having the right cable TV service allows you to watch your favorite movies, sports and television shows, but how much cable is too much? The more you're willing to spend, the more premium channels you can watch from your living room. Choosing the best cable TV service means finding which cable provider offers the channels you want at a monthly rate you don't mind paying. If you're a first time cable customer or switching to a different provider, you may be eligible for cable TV packages that can help you save lots of money over your first six to 12 months of service. Otherwise, your best bet is to compare the prices and benefits offered by

the various cable TV providers in your area. You're likely to find that each provider offers a cable TV package that would fit your entertainment needs; the question then becomes, which plan is most affordable?

These days, you don't need cable TV to enjoy your favorite shows. You can go online and subscribe to streaming television services and watch TV shows for significantly cheaper, depending on what you're looking for. This new competition is forcing cable TV companies to reduce their rates and offer more incentives to new customers. That's why now is a great time to find new cable TV service. Take our quiz to see which kind of cable TV package may be the best choice for you.

What kind of cable TV service would you like to have?
Which cable TV provider would you prefer?
Are any of your local cable providers offering cheap cable TV packages for new customers?
Would you rather have digital cable TV or fiber optic cable TV?
Would you prefer a cable TV bundle, which includes the cost of your Internet and/or phone services?
Do you want to get cable TV service that includes premium movie channels such as HBO or Showtime?
How many different cable TV news stations do you watch?
Would you want a more comprehensive cable package if you could get the first six months for a reduced rate?
How much sports do you watch?
Do you care about having channels that continuously play different types of music?
Do you want to get cable TV service with high-definition channels?