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Which Cell Phone Directory Service Should I Use?

Cell phones are by far one of the most popular technologies today. It seems as if the era of the flip phone is gone and that smartphones have taken over. Everywhere you look, children, teenagers and adults all have phones with capabilities to take photos, access the Internet, and use a multitude of Web-based applications. One capability that can be especially useful, however, is having access to cell phone directory services! These services are sometimes also called reverse cellphone lookup services. 

No matter how far we seem to advance in cellular technology, there seems to be one common question: “Who is calling me from

that unrecognized number?” While modern cell phones all come equipped with limited caller ID capabilities, unless the person calling you is in your contacts list, you won't have much to go on other than the phone number that's displayed on your screen. Cell phone directory services are available to give you more information about who's calling you, and allow you to see the name, and sometimes even the address of the person calling. 

Cell phone directory services are a great way to protect yourself against pranksters and anonymous voicemails, and they can keep you from answering a call from someone you do not know (or want to talk to). However, most cell phone directory services will only show you basic information for free, and require a paid account to show you details like name and address associated with a cell phone number. Since you may even need to spend a bit of money on the service, deciding which directory service is perfect for you can be a bit tricky. This quiz is designed to help you find the service that is right for you!

What kind of information do you want from the directory?
Are you willing to pay for the information you need?
How would you like to receive the information?
Are you willing to install an application on your phone?
How often do you think you'll use the service?
Do you want the service to offer information about landlines, as well?
How much would you be willing to pay for information?
Do you want the ability to leave comments on a public database regarding the call?