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Should I Consider Using a Cell Phone Tracking App?

Cell phones rule the world in today‚Äôs society, and there is no denying that. Gone are the days when children could take off with no connection to the outside world and people could only talk on the phone via a land line. These days, everyone, even very young children, seem to be sporting cell phones; particularly smart phones. These phones with internet access, web based application abilities, and an infinite array of new exciting abilities are becoming the way that everyone communicates and keeps important information literally at hand. So, what happens if the phone is lost, misplaced or even stolen? 

This is where tracking

apps come in handy. A tracking app is installed onto the device, which allows you to find your phone from anywhere you have internet access. When you log into your account on your computer, you can search for your phone and the app sends data back to the computer and tells you precisely where the phone is. Not sure if you left the phone on the table at the restaurant? A few clicks is all you need to find out! Cell phone tracking apps are also a great way to keep tabs on an adventurous teenager or locate the phone your pre-teen keeps leaving behind. Cell phone tracking apps can be a great option for many different reasons.

As useful as cell phone tracking apps might be, not everyone needs one, and some phones don't have the capability to use one. This quiz is designed to help you figure out if a cell phone tracking app is the right choice for you and your family. Answer the questions below to find out!

Are you a parent of kids with smartphones?
How often do you lose or misplace your phone?
Does your phone support most apps from Google Play or the iTunes app store?
What do you usually do when you lose your phone?
How much did your phone cost?
Do you have space on your phone for a tracking app?
Do you have regular access to a computer with internet?
How do you feel about cell phone tracking apps?