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Choosing a New Samsung Smartphone

Samsung smartphones are among the best cell phones on the market. Offering quality construction and a superior Android operating system, Samsung smartphones deliver faster performance, allowing for shorter loading times, more apps and less battery drainage than ever before. And with a number of different smartphone options like the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy J7, Samsung smartphones offer something for everyone. Terrific for any working class individuals or even just a student getting through college, these smartphones have the features and performance you need to get through the day. Whether you are an existing

Samsung user or you are looking to make the switch, any of Samsung’s top models would make an excellent choice. If you looking for the perfect new smartphone, consider your options when choosing a new Samsung smartphone.

The Galaxy S7 features a Quad HD display that measures 5.1 inches. The S7 Edge features a slightly larger display, measuring 5.5 inches, that wraps around the sides. Its tightly constructed and durable, capable of being submerged in 5 feet of water for 30 minutes without breaking it. A 12 MP camera allows users to capture phots and video in ultra high definition, so you can truly relive every moment. The efficient operating system allows users to use multiple apps with minimal loading times. Battery power is also used efficiently allowing for a longer-lasting battery. And when you do need to charge, it takes little time at all. 

Another option is the Galaxy Note 5. Similar to the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy Note 5 also features a QUAD HD display but measures 5.7 inches and comes with an S Pen. The S Pen is the perfect tool for drawing and writing down quick notes, so you don’t have to keep pressing the wrong keys. It also features a 16 MP rear camera and records HD video. The Android 5.1.1, Lollipop operating system works well for business oriented individuals and the phone can connect easily to any laptop or computer. For those that don’t want to commit to a phone plan, the Galaxy J7 Prime is another excellent option that is much more affordable, so it can be purchased alone. If you are looking to buy a new Samsung smartphone take this quiz to help you choose the perfect model.

Will you be using your phone for business purposes?
Do you want a top of the line smartphone?
How important is price in your decision?
How often do you drop your phone?
Do you enjoy the outdoors?
How important are aesthetics when choosing a phone?
Do you prefer typing or handwriting?
Are you interested in a prepaid plan or two-year agreement?