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Choosing a Top-Quality Home Stair Lift

Do you need to install a stair lift in your home? Stair lifts are vital for elderly, disabled or injured people who can't easily climb between floors where they live. Fortunately, you can find top-quality home stair lifts from several reputable retailers, many of which provide free quotes and professional installation services for customers. Acorn Stairlifts, All In One Mobility and AmeriGlide Accessibility Solutions offer some of the industry's best deals. Read on to learn more about top-rated providers and how to find the best prices anywhere.

Let's review some of the top home stair lift providers offering free quotes and professional

installation help. First is Acorn, a Florida-based company that offers services throughout the United States. You can request free quotes from Acorn's website for either the Acorn 130 Straight or Outdoor stair lifts or the Acorn 180 Curved stair lift. These stair lifts require no modifications to the structure of your home and installation can often be performed the following day. Acorn stair lifts can be found online for sale for less than $1,200, although Acorn doesn't list prices directly on its website -- you must contact them for a quote.

Amerigide is another nationally known company that deals in stair lift brands including Horizon, Escort, Vesta, Rave and Rubex. The Horizon stairlift from Ameriglide has a starting price of just $1,049 and is self-installable, although installation services are available. Stannah is also among the most trusted names in the home stair lift business, offering great prices for the customer care and peace of mind you'll get. Stannah has professional installers in cities throughout the country and also provides free in-home assessments. Take our quiz to learn more about which stair lift provider might best fit your needs.

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