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Cloud Security for Business

Are you in search of secure business cloud computing services? Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important for businesses looking to save money by investing in remote storage, networking, software and IT options. However, that makes cloud security even more important - businesses should only trust their customer data and other vital information to cloud providers who take leading-edge cybersecurity measures. Fortunately, there are several cloud computing companies that take security just as seriously as you do. We've evaluated some of the best cloud computing providers to bring you the ones with the best security measures. Read on to

learn more about these options.

The first cloud provider on our list is Microsoft, which is unquestionably the biggest cloud service available. Microsoft brings decades of cybersecurity experience to the table along with a commitment to both national and international security standards from both security and infrastructure standpoints. Meanwhile, business cloud customers still get access to regular security upgrades along with updated information about changing security measures. This isn't just good for data protection; this is good for maintaining day-to-day business. You can rest assured that your apps, networking capabilities, customer data, online software, e-commerce platform and more will be in good working order on Microsoft's cloud.

Next is the Amazon Web Services Cloud, which features Amazon GuardDuty as the backbone of its online security. Amazon GuardDuty, powered by artificial intelligence, analyzes billions of non-personal interactions throughout its system to identify viruses, malware, and unauthorized entry attempts as soon as they happen. Some of these red flags include API calls or failed logins. This security is available to all Amazon customers and is superior to what small business owners could possibly implement on locally based servers. The third cloud service with excellent security is IBM, which is another long-time player in the cloud computing business. IBM provides a wide range of business services as well as security measures including the latest in firewall and antivirus software. Like Amazon and Microsoft, IBM also uses artificial intelligence to preemptively protect against new security threats. Take our quiz to see which of these secure cloud services is best for your business.

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