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Comparing Supplemental Health Insurance for Seniors

Supplemental health insurance helps roughly one in four seniors with medical expenses not covered by their standard healthcare plans. Typical insurance doesn't pay for things like hospice care, deductables, emergency care when traveling abroad, and more. Supplemental plans offered by private insurance companies can cover all of that and more, depending on which plans seniors choose. Read on to learn more about some of the best providers of supplemental health insurance policies for seniors.

AARP is among the most influential senior advocacy groups in the nation, and AARP has partnered with United Healthcare Insurance Company to bring

its members an outstanding supplemental insurance option. United Healthcare's supplemental plans work seamlessly with most primary insurance policies, and United also has slightly more expensive options for seniors who want additional prescription drug benefits. Most people who hold these policies -- an estimated 96 percent, according to a United Healthcare survey -- are satisfied with their coverage.

Another great option is Humana, which also partners with State Farm to offer supplemental health insurance plans. Humana's best policy is its Plan F, which covers deductibles, coinsurance payments, hospital costs, nursing care, medical bills while traveling, and more. Humana and State Farm have been in the insurance business for decades, and they can help new and existing customers understand which supplemental plans are best for their medical needs.

Mutual of Omaha is another provider worthy of consideration. What really sets Mutual of Omaha apart from the rest are its comprehensive guides about the various health insurance coverage options for aging Americans. This company offers plans throughout most of the United States, and its policies are consistently among the most affordable options. You can quickly get in touch with customer service representatives through Mutual of Omaha's website.

Different providers offer these plans in various states with their own rates and policy menus, so doing your research before buying supplemental insurance is a must. Take our quiz to learn more about whether now might be a good time to upgrade or purchase your supplemental insurance.

Do you currently have supplemental health insurance?
How long have you had your current policy?
Which of the following applies to you?
Do you spend more than $5,000 per year on prescription drugs?
Are you satisfied with your monthly premiums?
Do you have coverage for healthcare while traveling?
Are you concerned about paying for hospice care for yourself or a loved one?