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What Kind of Computer Classes Should I Take?

Finding a job without at least basic computer skills is becoming increasingly difficult, but many people struggle with deciding which computer classes they should take to help kick start (or advance) their careers. Beyond basic typing skills, most jobs will require you to have a working knowledge operating systems and programs, even for entry-level positions. The 3 best ways to learn computer skills depend on the best way you learn. Online computer classes, such as those offered by can let you work at your own pace without have to worry about keeping up with the class, and they offer online help as well. A cheap off-line alternative

is checking out the classes at your local library or community center. Since computer skills are a popular subject, there is almost always a class starting and in the evenings after work as well. Your local college or university will offer classes, sometimes during the summer or in the evening for those wishing to learn computer skills to improve their work situation.

If you're planning to work more exclusively with computers, the computer courses you'll need will depend on which field you want to go into. Programmers will need to focus on learning the various coding languages, such as Java, Python, Ruby and C/C++, as well as software development and computer systems technology, for example. Web designers may need to focus more on graphic design and web development, while IT specialists will need software engineering, information management systems and other courses in order to be qualified to work in the field. Your college degree program will specify which classes you need to take in order to get your degree.

For those who don't plan to get a degree, most colleges offer computer certificate programs that can be completed in under a year, and some even offer free computer classes for those who qualify. If you plan to work in the computer industry, however, a college degree in computer science with a focus on your specific field will likely be necessary in order to qualify for most jobs. Regardless of whether you choose to learn only basic computing skills or work toward a degree in computer science, you'll need to make sure you take the correct computer classes for the field you want to work in. If you still aren't sure which computer classes are right for you, take the quiz below to find out.

Which field do you currently work in?
What type of job do you hope to have in the future?
How comfortable are you with computers right now?
Do you currently have a college degree?
Which type of computer knowledge does your current job require?
Will completing a certificate or degree program in computing make you eligible for a promotion where you currently work?
Have you ever been denied work because you lack basic computer skills?
How often does your job require you to use a computer?