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Credit Card Processing for Businesses

Need a more efficient way to process payment? Check out the top credit card processing solutions for businesses. When working in retail, fast and easy payment solutions are a must. By accepting credit cards, you can more easily expand your business and increase customer turnover. Whether for food service or retail, the best credit card payment processing solutions can help your business grow and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. The best credit card processing solutions make managing and processing so easy, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner. If you are looking to start accepting credit cards at your place of business, read

on to find out about the best options. offers the lowest-cost processing solution. Offering competitive rates and an easy portal, many businesses favor for their company’s needs. There’s no contract nor cancellation fees so there no commitment required. You can however get a free credit card terminal if you commit to a one-year loaner agreement. Setting up an account is easy and takes just minutes. You’ll also get free reporting and customer support if you need it. Get your free quote online. For even more reliable service, Intuit’s QuickBooks proves a great option for easy transactions. Conduct direct bank transfers for free or accept card payment at a low cost to you. Offering the freedom of choice, your customers will appreciate your business even more.

Another excellent credit card processing solution is Square Up. It’s the perfect solution for small businesses, especially pop up shops and stands that are interested in using mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet. Whether you earn under $250K or over $250K per year, SquareUp can help you make a bigger profit. With the free magstripe reader, you can swipe cards from anywhere or use the point-of-sale system, Square Register for online transactions. Even with no monthly rates and minimal fees, Square Up comes with no strings attached or hidden costs. Accept cash, credit or gift cards and get quick deposits in one or two days. Easily print digital receipts too and get reports on all your transactions. Also handle customer refunds, discounts and more. 

If you are looking for credit card processing solution, take this quiz to help you decide on the best option for your business.

Do you plan to use a tablet or mobile phone for transactions?
Do you currently have a payment terminal?
Do you want a commitment-free solution?
Are you interested in reports and analytics?
How much of a concern is cost?
What type of business do you have?
Will you accept returns?
Have you used a credit card processing solution before?