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Deals on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Available now is the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, and both are expected to be top sellers throughout 2017. Featuring an innovative wrap-around Infinity Display, the Bixby digital assistant, numerous security features and numerous other perks, the new S8 models take smartphone technology to the next level. Several retailers and cellular providers are offering outstanding deals on these new Samsung phones -- our favorite are the deals offered by T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. Want to learn more about how you can get your hands on the  amazing new S8 mobile devices? Search exclusive deals being offered from the top cellular providers. See why

the Galaxy S8 is the next big thing in smartphone technology.

Our favorite S8 and S8+ deals are currently being offered by T-Mobile. This provider is the nation's fastest growing network thanks largely to its T-Mobile ONE plan, which offers free talk and unlimited data usage for a single monthly rate -- and that gives you two lines. Now you can get the S8 with that plan while paying just a single low price for the phone. It's a fantastic pairing of a generous phone plan with a state-of-the-art smartphone. What better way to enjoy your new S8 or S8+ than with unlimited data?

Or do you want more than one Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone? If so, then check out Sprint's hot new deal. For a limited time, you can lease an S8 through Sprint and get a second one free. This lease offer also includes the Galaxy Forever bonus, which lets you upgrade to the latest version of the Galaxy smartphone after just 12 lease payments. Order online and save $30; plus, there are no activation fees. Enjoy up to 10 GB of data usage with the Unlimited Freedom plan that covers up to four lines of use!

Finally, there's an affordable Galaxy S8 and S8+ option available through AT&T. Buyers with qualifying credit can get the new Samsung smartphone for just $25 per month, which is cheaper than you'll find through other providers. AT&T is also offering free shipping for online orders, and DirecTV customers can get a second Galaxy S8 for free by signing up for AT&T Next. With so many great deals, now is a great time to switch or upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the larger S8+. Take our quiz to see if now's the time to upgrade!

Do you want unlimited data for your Samsung Galaxy S8?
Is cost your biggest factor in choosing a phone plan?
Do you need more than one Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+?
Would you rather own or lease your Galaxy S8?
Do you plan to order your new phone online?
Are you a DirecTV customer, which could qualify you for S8 deals?
Do you want free HD video streaming for your S8?
Do you need more than two phone lines?