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What could I try to relieve my baby's diaper rash?

Diaper rash is a painful but common condition resulting from a baby's exposure to prolonged wetness due to wearing diapers. Additional common causes of diaper rash include the introduction to new foods, sensitivity to chemicals like detergents or fragrances, or the diaper chafing the baby's sensitive skin.

While diaper rash is uncomfortable for babies, it isn't typically dangerous. How to cure diaper rash is an important part of parenting in order to relieve a baby's discomfort. Since diapers provide a warm, moist area for yeast and bacteria to grow, babies can develop serious infections along with severe diaper rash.Diaper rash pictures

show these severe diaper rash symptoms include bright red skin, open sores, and painful bumps. If any of these symptoms are present, baby should be seen by a doctor for treatment.

Remedies for diaper rash include a few simple steps. Avoid using wipes that can sting the sensitive area or make the rash worse. Instead, gently rinse the diaper area and pat dry. Use a protective barrier in the form of diaper rash creams, like zinc oxide. Put the diaper on loosely to see if the circulating air helps heal the diaper rash. If possible, let baby go without a diaper for awhile to provide relief from the rash symptoms and give the affected area a chance to heal.

Take this quiz to determine whether or not your baby is experiencing symptoms related to a diaper rash. If you identify with the following symptoms, it's important to contact your pediatrician right away for diagnosis and treatment.

Has your baby had diaper rashes in the past?
Do you use disposable diapers?
Do you use baby wipes during diaper changes?
Does your baby wear diapers for long periods of time?
Does your baby have a fever?
Have you used a protective barrier like a petroleum jelly or zinc oxide cream?
Have you introduced new foods into baby's diet?
Is baby currently taking an antibiotic for a different condition?
Does your baby have painful sores, yellowish bumps, or red skin with pimples?