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Did Miley go too far?

With the help of a foam finger, Miley Cyrus twerked her way to the top of water cooler conversations everywhere following her 2013 Video Music Awards performance of "Blurred Lines" with Robin Thicke. Dressed in a nude-colored bikini, Miley pulled some sexually daring dance maneuvers on stage that would make even the most free-spirited individual blush. Let's just say there are a few things that shouldn't be done with a foam finger, and Miley went ahead and did them.

Controversy is nothing new to the VMA, but did Miley go too far this time? Some argued that Miley not only stepped over the bounds of good taste, but did a giant Neil Armstrong

moon-leap over it, and in the process set mankind a step back. Okay, that is probably hyperbole, but many critics did use adjectives such as disgusting, inappropriate, shameless and vulgar to describe Miley's performance. Some of the most outspoken people against Miley were angry parents who had to explain to their daughters why their beloved Hanna Montana was bent over against Thicke, doing inappropriate things with a giant foam finger.

Some argue that Miley's performance wasn't all that bad. They say the overwhelming backlash was just an overreaction or the Twitter generation, and that Miley is just an entertainer doing what she does best, which is to entertain. Also, Miley didn't invent twerking; she just popularized the #twerking hashtag. In fact, twerking has origins in traditional West African dance and gained popularity in the early 90s hip-hop culture -- without much fanfare or backlash.

Was all the criticism that Miley got for her performance deserved? Or is it just an overreaction? Take this quick survey to find out where you stand on the Miley debate.

When I go out to the clubs I...
Which of these female performers would you most likely be listening to on your iPod?
Are you usually easily offended by what you see on TV?
What is your favorite Miley Cyrus album?
Complete this sentence: Twerking is _____.
A giant foam finger should be used...
Fair or not, celebrities are role-models and they should always be on their best behavior?