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Should I Talk to My Doctor about my Psoriasis Symptoms?

Are you concerned that you may have psoriasis? The dry, red, raised patches of skin covered with white or silver scales (really just small flakes of dead skin) that are caused by plaque psoriasis are fairly common. While plaque psoriasis is the most common form of the condition, it is not the only type of psoriasis, and other forms of psoriasis cause their own signs and symptoms. Erythrodermic psoriasis, which is often caused by a severe exacerbation of another form of psoriasis, can cover the entire body in a bright red rash that itches and burns badly. There is also guttate psoriasis, inverse psoriasis, and pustular psoriasis, each

with particular markers.

Many people are familiar with the general symptoms of psoriasis, often from comparing their symptoms with psoriasis photos on the Internet. However, only a doctor can make a positive diagnosis based on observing symptoms and conducting diagnostic tests. By finding out if you have psoriasis, and the exact type of psoriasis you have, you'll be able to treat outbreaks in a more targeted manner.

Answer the questions below to learn more about whether you may have symptoms of psoriasis. This quiz is not intended to replace actual advice from a medical professional. See your doctor if you are concerned about your medical health or if you have abnormal skin rash symptoms.

Have you previously seen your doctor about possible psoriasis symptoms?
Does your rash cause patches of dry, raised, reddish skin topped with a layer of silver-white scales (or skin flakes)?
Do you have small lesions on your body that are shaped like droplets of water?
Are the areas of your body where skin contacts skin those that usually suffer from a smooth, red rash?
Does your rash take the form of blisters filled with pus?
Is your rash accompanied by a fever and/or fatigue?
Is your rash red, and covering an extensive portion of your body (80 percent or more)?
Is your rash extremely itchy, or does it burn?
Have other people in your immediate or extended family had psoriasis?