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Do I need an assistant?

If you find yourself very busy with lots of work, you may wonder if you need an assistant. Tasks that are easy to perform could easily be outsourced to someone else. For example, assistants can be useful at answering phones and flagging important emails. Assistants can also perform data entry, make phone calls and create and organize documents and files on your behalf. Assistants can also be used for fact checking and research tasks. Depending on how much you trust in the ability of an assistant, they can even manage projects that you may be too busy to manage yourself. Assistants can be temporary helpers or full-time permanent fixtures

at your company.

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of hiring an assistant. Complex tasks require lots of training, and if it's faster to do the tasks versus training someone else to do them for you, hiring an assistant might not be the best idea. Spending time finding an assistant who understands what is clearly expected of them may take a long time. Not all workers feel comfortable with passing their work on to someone else. There may be concerns that an assistant may not do as good of a job as you would do for the tasks. On the other hand, if you are feeling overloaded, the quality of work might suffer by not having an assistant.

Please answer the questions below to see if hiring an assistant is right for you.

Can you afford an assistant?
Do you have time to train an assistant?
Would you be able to teach your assistant how to do tasks in a short amount of time?
Can you clearly explain to the assistant what you want?
Do you trust anyone else to handle the task other than yourself?
Are you the only one who is able to handle the tasks?
Are there things you don't like about work that you wish you could get someone else to do for you?
Do you feel overloaded with the amount of work you have on your plate?
Do you feel a lot of your precious time is wasted by doing menial tasks?
How much of an impact on your work would it be if an assistant made a mistake?