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Do I Qualify for a Free Cell Phone?

Qualifying for a free cell phone can be confusing. The Lifeline Assistance program is a federal, nationwide program that lets you receive a free cell phone with a certain amount of free minutes each month and unlimited free text messages. The program is run through Assurance Wireless, which is a subsidiary of Virgin Mobile.  

The free phone comes with 500 free minutes for the first 4 months with 350 minutes after that. Unlimited text lasts for the lifetime of the phone. You can add minutes by purchasing Virgin Mobile top-up cards or on your online account with your debit or credit card. Monthly plans are available at a refreshingly

low cost - $5 for 250 more minutes or $30 for unlimited talk, text, and even unlimited data. You can also add features such as 411 service at the rate of $1.75 per call plus airtime usage. You can even add international calling. You’ll benefit from the excellent coverage offered by the Sprint Network with no annual contract.

To qualify for the Lifeline Assistance Program, typically you must also be participating in another assistance program such as food stamps or Medicaid. Your eligibility may also be determined by income. Income levels will vary by state and are affected by the size of your household. For example, in the state of California, a household of less than 3 people will have an income limit of $25,700 per year. The Lifeline Assistance Program can give you 911 access and the freedom that comes with having a cell phone at no cost to you. Answer these questions to find out if you might qualify. Note, we do not collect personal information from these quizzes. Please see our privacy page for more information.

How many people are in your household?
How much money do you make per year?
Do you expect a top-of-the-line smartphone?
Are you on Food Stamps?
Are you on Medicaid?
Are you on Section 8 Housing Assistance?
Have you used the Lifeline Assistance program in the past?
Do you live in Alaska or Hawaii? (These states have very high income limits)