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Financial Planning Firms for Seniors

Senior citizens face unique sets of challenges, which is why seniors can benefit so much from financial planning firms. These companies offer a wide range of asset management and counseling tools that can be helpful for seniors of various income levels. For seniors who still work, financial planning firms can help to balance budgets and move seniors closer to financial independence. For others who are fully retired, financial planners can make sure these seniors manage their assets in a way that they can fully enjoy their golden years. We've evaluated many of the biggest financial planning firms, and we've named Edward Jones, Ameriprise

and Morgan Stanley as our top 3 for seniors. Read on to see which financial planning firms benefit seniors the most and why.

Each of these three financial planning firms are similar, yet each is also unique. Edward Jones offers a streamlined approach to asset management and financial planning that's great for seniors who enjoy one-stop shopping. Ameriprise offers a portal for seniors who want more flexibility in choosing a financial planner in their area; using the company's smooth online interface, it's easy to find and compare highly qualified financial planners who can help. Morgan Stanley is perhaps best for seniors who are retired and need help with how to optimize their assets and investment portfolios -- in these cases, seniors can greatly benefit from professional financial advice to ensure they don't overextend their generousness to loved ones.

Financial planning firms not only help seniors make good decisions with their finances, but they also help protect the elderly from scams and fraud. Identity theft is a growing problem among seniors who are deceived into giving out personal information online. Many leading financial planning firms not only provide important asset oversight, but they also offer protection against identity theft, elder abuse and other common problems faced by seniors. Beyond that, nothing beats having access to skilled, objective and professional financial planners. Take our quiz to see which of the top national financial planning firms might best fit your needs.

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