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Find the Best Wood Blinds

Looking to buy some wood blinds? Installing wood blinds on your windows or patio door is a great way to add style to your home. Wood blinds can be ordered in numerous styles and colors, with different types of wood highlighting your rooms in their own unique ways. Wood offers a classic, high-end feel that plastic blinds can't match, which is why wood remains so popular in new homes. You can browse large selections of blinds at your local home improvement store, but you can access even more styles of wood shades through various retailer websites. See which companies offer the best prices and shop online for the biggest discounts and largest


A great place to start shopping for wood blinds online is, where you can browse numerous styles of blinds and even order a free sample pack. Comparing prices and finding discounts is easy on this site; just click the menu item at the top of the homepage. Right now, this retailer is offering 10 percent off all products including wooden blinds, and some products can be upgraded with cordless models. Search from dozens of real and faux wood blinds with prices for real wood starting at $26. JustBlinds also provides online tutorial videos for people who need help installing their new blinds.

Another place worth shopping for wood blinds is Blinds Chalet, an online retailer that deals in blinds, shades, shutters and more. Blinds Chalet is currently offering faux wood blinds for as little as $15 and real 2-inch wood blinds starting at $27 on sale. Order your blinds without holes, with decorative fabric tape or with a cornice-style valance. This retailer also offers several collections of blinds to help you match the decor of your home; these include collections shown in Good Housekeeping, Blinds and Shades and Hunting Window. Free shipping is offered on all orders inside the United States. Blinds Chalet also tends to offer inventory-wide discounts or discounts when buying more than one item.

Last on our list is The Shade Store, a retailer of blinds, shades and drapes. Blinds sold through this retailer are of higher quality than the other two online retailers on our list, which means they're also more expensive. Still, there are many types of wood blinds to choose from when shopping from The Shade Store, and many of the products here can regularly be found on sale. While other online retailers let you order sample packs, The Shade Store lets prospective customers order swatches to see how their favorite blinds might look in each room of their home. The Shade Store has showrooms in communities throughout the United States, and the company also offers numerous collections designed to accentuate your home's interior decor.

Home wood blinds are easy to install and they can be purchased to match the style of any room, whether it's your bedroom, the dining room or the living room. Wood blinds offer superior privacy and light regulation, and faux wood blinds offer many of the same benefits for a cheaper price. Take our quiz to see where you should shop for your home wood blinds.

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