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Gas Savings Rewards Programs

Paying too much for gas? With holidays on the way, there’s never been a better time to start saving on gasoline for your vehicle, especially if you are going to be traveling for the holidays. Gas savings rewards programs allow you to earn points or credit each time you buy gas or other things that you can put towards filling up in the future, thereby saving you potentially hundreds of dollars a year. A little savings here and there can go a long way, which is why now is the time to start saving on gas. 

Gas savings reward programs like Exxon Mobil Speed Pass+ and Shell Fuel rewards allow you to save every time you go to

the pump. The Shell Fuel Rewards program much like any rewards program uses a card that allows you to accumulate rewards. You use that card instead of your regular credit or debit, and in doing so, you save 5¢ for every gallon of gas you buy. The Speed Pass+ program works through a mobile app that you use to pay for your gas. You can pay for the gas whenever and wherever you want. Each time you use the app, you earn savings. 

Other rewards programs you can find online are GasBuddy, BP Driver Rewards and Speedy Rewards. Saving with GasBuddy and BP Driver allow for instant savings when you fill up – up to 10¢ per gallon. Speedy Speedway rewards allows you to save money by accumulating points spent at their pumps and in-store. You get 20 points for every dollar spent in-store and 10 points for every gallon of gas. These points can then be used on free stuff and savings – whatever you want. 

If you are ready to start saving money on gas and/or earning rewards, take this quiz to find a rewards program that is right for you.

Are you willing to use your rewards card for more than just gas?
Do you have a vehicle with a large tank?
Do you visit the gas pump often?
Do you own a smartphone?
Can you download apps via your vehicle's infotainment system?
Where do you typically buy gas from?
Do you travel often?
Do you use Apple Pay or Samsung Pay?