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How do I choose the best graduation cards?

Graduation cards are a big deal. To mail out graduation cards is to announce the culmination of years of hard work; it's an exciting time filled with anticipation and accomplishment as students prepare for the next chapters of their lives. What better reason to celebrate and share the achievement with others? Whether or not loved ones are able to come to the ceremony, they will want to know about the big day. This is where graduation announcement cards come into play, and picking the most fitting card is important for each graduate.

So where do you begin on your search for the perfect graduation announcements? A good starting point is

to think about the style that best fits your personality. You can do anything from formal to casual to modern or even silly. Just think about what best represents you and the kind of image you want your announcements to reflect. Cost is also a factor, with more expensive graduation cards printed on heavier stock and even incorporating materials other than paper. Or you can go online and find graduation card templates to craft your own special announcements.

Once you have set the tone for your graduation announcements, it is time to choose where you will get them. There are many options here too. If you are crafty, one option is to make your own announcements. Homemade ones work well if you are going for a personalized, casual feel and want to be economical. Head over to your local craft store and pick out the supplies you will need to create your ideal announcements and then start creating. For those who want a hand in the creation process, but do not want to get right in and design them from scratch you can put together your announcements on an online printing site. This kind of announcement works best for those seeking a sleek, modern look and a moderate price. You can also go the old-fashioned route and visit a local print shop, which lends itself well to formal announcements. Take note that this type tends to be fairly pricey.

Take this short quiz to discover the best graduation announcements for you:

Do you want clean lines and crisp images on your graduation cards?
Would you want your graduation cards to use copyrighted material that a graduation announcement company wouldn't use?
Do you have a bunch of ideas that you want included in the design of your graduation announcements?
How many graduation announcement cards do you need?
Do you like to let others do the creating?
Which type of art do you prefer?
How much can you spend on graduation cards?
Do you have time to wait for your graduation announcements to be shipped to you?