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Which Grand Canyon Water Adventure Should I Choose?

As one of the most beautiful and scenic destinations in the world, the Grand Canyon offers a little something for everyone, from sightseers to adventure-seekers. If you're the adventurous type and want to fully enjoy everything the Grand Canyon has to offer, a kayaking or rafting trip is definitely the way to go! Spend your days cruising down the Colorado River and enjoy quiet nights on the riverbank! Most trips last from one to 15 nights and are accompanied by a professional rafting or kayaking crew to help you make the most of your tour. The question is, which adventure will you choose? 

Paddle rafting is a great option for people

who want to enjoy a thrilling whitewater adventure while paddling 100 percent of the time. Rafting is not only physically challenging, but also great for building camaraderie and teamwork with the rest of your crew. Travel over vigorous rapids and through slow-drifting currents as you work your way along the 226 miles through the beautiful Grand Canyon, enjoying views reserved for only the most daring travelers. Keep in mind that paddle rafting is physically demanding, so physical fitness is a requirement. For less physically fit people, or those who want to enjoy a rafting trip without the intense physical demands, many companies also offer partial paddle experiences, as well. 

If kayaking is more your style, there are several companies that also offer guided kayak tours. Choose a relaxing day trip through calmer water, or opt for a more adventurous multi-day trip that includes braving the meanest rapids the Colorado River has to offer, while still allowing plenty of time to take in the scenery from the banks of the river along the way. As with paddle rafting, kayaking over the world-class waves of the Colorado River will take plenty of physical endurance, so you'll want to be in top shape before you hit the water. If that's not you, many companies also offer the opportunity to travel on a support raft, so you can enjoy the adventure even if you aren't the most physically fit. 

Not sure which Grand Canyon water adventure is right for you? Answer the questions below to find out! 

Which do you prefer?
How often do you exercise?
How much time do you plan to spend traveling down the river?
How much experience do you have whitewater rafting or kayaking?
Will you be traveling alone or with a group?
If traveling with a group, how experienced is your group with rafting or kayaking?
When coming up on dangerous-looking rapids, you're most likely to:
Finally, which sounds like more fun?