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How Can I find Cheap Airfare?

Need a flight for cheap? Finding cheap airfare can save you hundreds of dollars on your travel plan, but finding the best prices on plane tickets means knowing where and when to look. An airline's own website will sometimes have good prices on flights. Depending on when and where you wish to go they will offer several options as well as deals. Many organizations, clubs, and companies can sometimes help you acquire discounts on your travel. If you are an auto club member (AAA, for example) you can get a percentage off your fare, however slight. Dropping the name of your cellular carrier can sometimes help as well.

The biggest airfare discounts,

however, often come from credit cards that offer "sky miles." The company itself may even have a partnership with the airline, giving the purchaser a slight discount, so remember that when you are entering your information. However, even if the airline seems to have a good ticket price, it is not a bad idea to also check the "Travel Package" sites, such as and Travelocity. With any of these travel package sites they are hoping that you will purchase not only a flight but also rent a car and a hotel room. If you do not need a car or hotel, that's okay; there is almost always an option for purchasing a flight only. Sometimes you have to search for the button or tab that say's "flights only" and click it. If you are having trouble finding it, a technologically minded friend or relative can usually access it. In the worst case, search for another travel site and start over.

Do not be afraid to scour different travel sites for fares. Spend as little as a few minutes or as much as a few days browsing different web sites or even ringing up travel agencies. Ask questions, take notes, make comparisons, and do not forget to mention your sky miles, travel points, or any other goodies that your credit card accumulates. Soon enough you will have whittled down your options to a few choices. From there you can weigh the pros and cons of "Do I really want to fly out at three in the morning?" or perhaps even "Is it really worth it to pay fifty extra dollars for just one layover in Atlanta?" Use our guild to help you find low prices on airfare!

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