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How should I learn Spanish?

Learning how to speak Spanish requires commitment and a lot of hard work. However, even if you don't have the time or money for college courses, there are several educational tools that can help you learn to speak Spanish at home. Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone and Rocket Languages are just some of the companies known for their comprehensive language tools. Many people use these tools to prepare for vacations in foreign countries, but they are also incredibly useful for people who want to become fluent in new languages, especially Spanish.

People who learn to speak Spanish in the United States gain the ability to communicate more effectively

with the fastest-growing demographic in the nation. Knowing how to speak Spanish can help people become more competitive in the workplace or better neighbors at home. Of all the popular languages to learn, Spanish is usually one of the easiest to master. All that's needed is a good educational tool and the willingness to stick with it. Use this guide to see which language-learning program may work best to help you learn the Spanish language.

Would you prefer to learn online or use educational audio CDs and digital recordings?
Do you learn better with a more hands-on approach?
Would you prefer to have vast amounts of online information to refer to?
Are you trying to learn just enough Spanish to communicate while on vacation?
Do you prefer short, bite-sized lessons for each aspect of learning Spanish, or would you prefer longer, more comprehensive lessons?
Are you comfortable working with computer programs to learn, specifically those that use voice-recognition software?
Do you already know some Spanish?