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Innovating Cadillac Concept Cars

Ever wonder how Cadillac's amazing cars end up with such innovative features? For answers, you've got to go beyond the showroom and check out Cadillac's mysterious concept cars. Start with the Ciel, a massive sedan convertible with bold exterior styling and an absolutely regal interior. Look closer, and you'll see features of the Ciel have been emulated on Cadillac's production models -- and the same is true for Cadillac's other concept cars.

Yes, the features in the new lineup of Cadillacs originated from the brand's concept cars. In addition to the Ciel, another of the brand's concept cars that has inspired production models is the

Elmiraj, an imposing luxury coupe with a lightweight construction. The Elmiraj's construction set the tone for the Cadillac CT6's frame, while the Ciel has inspired a wide range of features from the Escalade's soft-touch leather seats to the vertical headlight arrangement of the ATS sedan.

Cadillac's concept cars might never hit showroom floors, but their impacts are felt across the brand's breathtaking lineup. In addition, Cadillac is working on a new vehicle codenamed Omega, and it's said to draw heavily from the Ciel's design. Not all features of these concept cars will make it to their street-worthy counterparts -- such as the Ciel's suicide doors -- but these concept vehicles continually raise the bar of expectations. If you're considering a new Cadillac, take our quiz to see which concept car you prefer based on features that have been included in Cadillac's new lineup of cars.

Do you like the vertically aligned headlights of the Cadillac ATS?
Do you want a new Cadillac with a twin-turbo V6 engine?
Would you insist upon soft-touch leather in a luxury vehicle?
Do you want a new Cadillac like the 2016 CT6 that takes advantage of lightweight construction features?
How much do you value Internet connectivity for each person in your car?
Do you want a Cadillac with more luxury or performance?
Would you rather drive a sedan or a coupe?
Do you want a convertible or a hardtop?