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Which High Speed Internet & Cable Bundle Should I Get?

These days, it's nearly impossible to live without high speed internet. Computers are pretty much a staple in the average American household, but unless you're just using it to type out text documents, this hardware is pretty much useless without internet. While there are various ways to connect to the internet, they're not all of the same caliber. Dial-up connection, for instance, may offer access to the world wide web, but this seemingly ancient connection is very slow and unable to keep up with today's fast pace of life. For this reason, high speed internet is the only way to go. The top 3 Internet & Cable Bundle deals we've found

are: AT&T U-Verse. When bundled with the internet, AT&T has one of the best deals, better than Comcast. A problem might be the fact the price can go up after six months. Time Warner Cable offers competitive pricing for their internet and cable bundle with a generous standard package. This may change with the planned sale of the company. Cablevision/Optimum is a company that's growing and expanding into new markets, offering packages from $40-70 per month with a lineup competitive with the bigger boys, See if they available in your neighborhood.

The same can be said about your television set - without cable, you're pretty much limited to just a couple of channels that may or may not broadcast programs that you're interested in. With cable, you have access to a plethora of channels available, making your television viewing experience a lot more enjoyable. You can literally pick and choose channels or channel packages to include the stations that best suit your tastes.

High speed internet and cable are important to the average homeowner, much like telephone service is. Yet these services can be pretty expensive, especially when they're purchased separately. This is where bundling high speed cheap internet and cable comes in. Many telecommunication companies offer bundling packages that shave a certain percentage off the total price as a reward for buying more than one service from the same provider. TV internet bundles just make financial sense - if your provider is already providing you with one service, why not take advantage of better internet deals when you connect two services or more? But which one is the right one for you? Take the following survey to help determine which cable and internet packages you should consider.

How often do you use the internet?
Is your internet use for business or personal reasons?
Do you frequently watch professional sports on TV?
Do you frequently watch the latest movies on TV?
Do you frequently download music or TV shows?
Do you need wireless access for multiple computers in the home?
Do you frequently watch premium channels?
What is your budget for a high speed internet & cable bundle?