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Should I Display Labor Law Posters?

Displaying labor law posters is a small, but important, piece of running a business, and one that can sometimes be overlooked. Labor law posters are required by law, and they must be regularly updated and prominently displayed in a place of business. The specific types of labor law posters required vary depending on local, state, and federal guidelines. Small business owners need to consult the labor law departments at each level to determine which labor law posters should be displayed at their places of business.

In addition to being prominently displayed, labor law posters should be easy to read. In general, there will be at least

one state and one federal labor law poster that will need to be easy for employees to see. Even potential employees should be able to easily view these posters. Many labor laws at the state and federal level can be found on one large poster, reducing clutter and allowing employees to consult the relevant labor laws as needed. For businesses with employees who speak languages other than English, labor law posters in these languages need to be purchased and displayed.

Many small business owners are concerned about the costs associated with purchasing and displaying labor law posters. However, labor law posters can be purchased from online retailers for less than twenty dollars each. These retailers offer state and federal labor law posters as well as additional important informative posters for the workplace, including sexual harassment, safety warnings, and CPR. The top three places to find the best deals on labor law posters are LaborLawPostersUSA, Costco, and Not sure whether you need to display labor law posters at your business? Take the quiz below to find out! 

Do you own a small business?
Do you have one or more employees who work for your small business?
Do you know the specific federal and state requirements for displaying labor law posters?
Are you currently in compliance with federal and state posting requirements?
Do you want to avoid possible penalties for not displaying labor law posters?
Do you know your state's rules for displaying labor law posters so that even job applicants can see them?
Do the labor law posters that you have displayed need to be replaced?
Are the labor law posters displayed so that employees can easily see and read them?