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Are Local Trucking Jobs Right for Me?

If you were considering truck driving as a career, your million-dollar question would be whether it is the right career for you. Few people have the experience of being a truck driver or have had the opportunity of traveling with one. Thus, the challenge lies in knowing whether trucking is right for you. Obviously, there is a lot of information you will need so that you can make the right decision. You certainly do not want to be stuck in a career you do not like.

Most people will advise you to try it and see, but that is not realistic because you will be wasting your money and valuable time. You need schooling, which may require

that you ride with a driver for some time and evaluate your options during that period. But where are you going to get that truck driver who has the time to cruise with you for even a two-way journey? Chances are you do not know a truck driver with whom you can cruise around the country. With such limited resources, you should understand that having the right information is more important than jumping to the idea.

You need to consult an experienced truck driver. This will enable you understand why people join the trucking industry. You may realize that your reasons for wanting to become a trucker were all wrong. You may have expectations of adventure or a lifestyle that it does not offer. There are different categories of trucking jobs, such as drayage, full truckload carriers, parcel carriers, dump truck and less than truckload. You may have to consider all these options to know what whether local trucking jobs are right for you. Still wondering if local trucking might be right for you? Take the quiz below to find out! 

How do you feel about spending most of your time alone?
Do you like driving for many hours or for long distances?
Do you have obligations that require you to be home at regular times during the week or on weekends?
Are you physically able to sit for long periods of time?
Do you have the time and budget to attend school for trucking?
What is your primary motivation for pursuing a career in trucking?
Are you willing to work long hours and/or work weekends?
What is your ideal work day like?