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Do I Qualify for Low-Income Housing?

Low-income housing is an important benefit for individuals and families who need housing, but cannot afford current prices in the private market. Public housing was established by the federal government to serve qualifying low-income individuals and families, including the elderly and those with disabilities. Low income housing is managed locally by housing authorities (HAs), which accept applications and determine who is eligible to receive these services. Current estimates indicate that 1.2 million households live in public housing units of all sizes.

Low income housing is for individuals and families who meet specific and strict eligibility

requirements. Housing authority professionals determine who qualifies for low-income housing based on citizenship, annual income, disability, family situation and references from past landlords and tenants. Those who make less than 60 percent of the median household income or less are eligible to apply for low-income housing, though being eligible to apply doesn't necessarily mean placement in a home. Those who are elderly, disabled or are taking care of young children are often given first priority. While there is no time limit regarding how long individuals and families can stay in low-income housing, the HA may review the lease at any time and make adjustments as needed.

To find out if you qualify for low-income housing, you must contact your local housing authority and fill out any necessary paperwork. You may be asked to provide information about income, dependents living with you, references and other information related to your financial and living situation. If there are special circumstances, such as current substandard housing or if you are a veteran, homeless, elderly or disabled, you should include this information in your application. Not sure if you'll qualify for low-income housing? Take this quiz to find out!

Do you have steady employment?
Are you working more than one job to try and make ends meet?
Are you the only person able to work in your household?
Do you or someone in your household qualify for disability benefits?
Are you 75 years old or older?
Do you have children?
Have you ever been evicted from any low income housing programs?
Do you currently live with family members?
Do you receive any government assistance, such as food stamps?