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Facts About Natural ADHD Treatments for Children

Have you considered natural ADHD treatments for your child? Millions of children are treated each year for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, with medications being the prevailing method of treatment. This creates a stigma around an ADHD diagnosis, especially for parents who are concerned about putting their kids on behavior-modifying drugs. The big downside is this fear prevents many children from getting the help they need. However, many people don't know about natural treatments for ADHD that can make a big difference and reduce the dependence on medication. If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD -- or if your child is showing

the symptoms of this mental health conditions -- then read on to learn more about what you can do to help ADHD naturally.

Many of the natural treatments for ADHD are focused not on medication, but on healthy lifestyle changes. Regular exercise in the form of active playtime is helpful for focusing energy into goals, and practicing relaxation techniques can also help children learn to calm and focus their minds. A bedtime message can help a child with ADHD to wind down and go to sleep and a rested mind is much more likely to stay on track. Research has shown that healthy dieting leads to an overall reduction in the intensity of ADHD symptoms, so limiting the child's intake of junk food, fast food and boxed food can also have a big impact. Numerous herbs can also help -- lemon balm, chamomile, passion flower and other herbs h ave  been shown to help calm the nervous system.

Another big one these days is technology. Even kids who don't have ADHD are so easily distracted by their smartphones and tablets. Limiting your child's access to portable screens can make a big difference for a child's emotional well-being. Not only do children with ADHD learn to interact better with others while not sidetracked by their phones, but they're likely to have fewer fatigue-induced headaches, attention issues and memory problems. Are you interested in learning even more about natural treatments for childhood ADHD? If so, read on and take our quiz to learn about options worth considering.

Regular exercise can help children with ADHD. How much exercise does your child get?
Studies show that low-sugar diets can help children with ADHD to manage their symptoms. Does your child eat a high-sugar diet?
Studies show that high-protein diets can help children with ADHD to manage their symptoms. Does your child eat a high-protein diet?
Zinc and fish oil supplements are helpful for some kids with ADHD. Have you tried either of these?
Counseling can help kids with ADHD to cope with their conditions. Does your child undergo counseling?
Getting enough sleep is vital for kids with ADHD. How much sleep does your child get?
Food coloring and preservatives are found to increase hyperactive symptoms in some children. Is your child's diet packed with these substances?
Allergies to foods, chemicals and other allergens can trigger ADHD symptoms. Does your child have any known allergies?