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The New Galaxy Note

Check out the new Galaxy Note! The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the most advanced smartphone on the market today. Offering the best performance of any phone available and a longer battery life, the Galaxy Note 9 is the fastest and most efficient phone available. And with the Galaxy Note 9’s signature S Pen, you can create notes quickly on your notepad, convert written words into text and write labels and notes on your pictures. The Galaxy Note 9 functions as an advanced personal assistant for all your virtual needs. Read on to learn more about Samsung’s latest smartphone.

Thanks to the faster 10nm AP, you’ll be able to download

and use more apps at once without all the downtime. The phone features a 33% faster CPU and a 23% faster GPU. With 8GB of RAM, you’ll have the highest performance phone available today. Have access to lightning fast network speeds and enjoy the most advanced smartphone games available. The phone also offers an exceptionally long battery life that will last throughout the day, so you’ll only need to charge when you go to bed. On top of this, up to 512GB of storage will give you more room for your pictures, videos, music and all your favorite apps. But if that’s not enough, you can add more storage with a MicroSD card and get over 1TB of space.

Photos and videos on your phone have never looked or sounded better. The Note 9 features a large Quad HD display that measures 6.4 inches, bringing life to your content in a whole new way. With Dolby Atmos AKG speakers, videos and music are louder, crisper and clear. Record better videos and take clearer pictures with dual lenses and apertures. While the dual apertures allow you to take HDR photos even in low light, the dual lens allows for optical zoom for cleaner photos from further away. The 8MP camera will allow you take better selfies too. Edit your photos easier using the S Pen and turn yourself into an augmented reality emoji.

If you are interested in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, take this quiz to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

Do you want a phone with the fastest performance?
Do you use a stylus when using mobile devices?
Do you watch videos on your smartphone?
Do you enjoy taking pictures with your phone?
Are you looking for a phone with a large display?
Do you download a lot of apps on your phone?
Do you currently own an Android device?
Do you find yourself needing to charge your current phone often?