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New Samsung Smartphones

Looking for a new smartphone? The best new Samsung phones on the market will provide you with faster performance, exciting new features and tech, and a larger, more vibrant display than ever before. While most smartphones are just a rehash of what came before, Samsung seeks to continuously raise the bar when it comes to innovation, providing a more effective personal assistant than other phone on the market. The newest members of the Samsung smartphone family include the Samsung Galaxy S9, the S9+, and the Galaxy Note 9.

Bring your pictures to life with superb camera features like the dual aperture lens that will help you take higher-quality

pictures in low light. With slow motion mode, you can better capture your most epic moments or turn yourself into your very own GIF. With the new AR Emoji feature, you can create an augmented reality version of yourself to send to friends. Use facial recognition to unlock your phone and keep it secure. The S9 features a 5.8” Quad-HD display while a 6.2-inch display is featured with the Galaxy S9+. Both phones also come equipped with AKG Dolby Atmos speakers for the highest quality sound available.

Two other popular new options include the top-of-the-line Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy Note 9 offers many of the same features included with the S9 such as the AR Emoji feature and facial recognition, but it brings everything else up one step further. Offering better performance and longer battery life, you’ll be able to do more at one time for a lot longer before you need to recharge. The GPU is 23% faster, while the CPU is 33% faster. On top of this, it offers more storage – up to 512GB and up to 1TB with a MicroSD card. The camera is better too thanks to a dual aperture and dual lens that allows for optical zoom.

If you are searching for the perfect new smartphone, take this quiz to help you find the right one.

Do you want a phone with the best performance specs?
Are you willing to pay $1,000 for your phone?
Are you interested in security features like facial recognition?
Do you like to watch videos on your phone?
Do you have difficulty reading small text?
Do you spend a lot of time texting and using social media?
Do you use your phone for drawing or writing notes?
Do you want a phone with the most storage?