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Discovering New Ways to Block Arthritis Pain

Searching for new arthritis pain remedies? Arthritis is suffered by millions of Americans who cope with symptoms such as joint pain, swelling and a loss of mobility. Sometimes, people with arthritis don't get the results they want from their treatments, prompting the need to try something new. Doctors and rheumatologists recommend various approaches to arthritis pain relief; new medications are standard in treatment plans, but there are also various alternative treatments that have been shown to be effective. We've collected some information about the various top-rated treatment options; read on to see what can help block arthritis pain and

then search these alternative arthritis treatments.

New medications for arthritis pain relief are constantly being researched and tested. Three of the newest medications for arthritis pain treatment are XELJANZ XR, Celebrex and tofacitinib. XELJANZ XR, which is recommended by many rheumatologists, gained FDA approval in early 2016. Celebrex is an anti-inflammatory drug which the FDA stamped in 2014, and tofacitinib earned its approval in 2012. There are also numerous alternative treatments such as nerve stimulation, topical medications and hyuluronic acid injections. Exercise, physical therapy and steroid injections can also be worth trying.

Finding the best treatment to block your arthritis pain isn't always easy. People tend to respond differently to various treatments based on their lifestyles and conditions. However, by working with your doctor or rheumatologist, you can often find a new course of treatment that helps to improve your symptoms. Take our quiz to learn more about which type of treatment might be worth a try.

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