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Which Top North American Ski Destination Should I Visit?

Want to hit the best slopes in North America? From the snow-capped peaks of Whistler to the bustling village at Aspen, the United States and Canada are home to some of the best alpine ski destinations on the planet. The good news is you don't need to go far to enjoy world-class skiing, but choosing where to use your hard-earned vacation days can be overwhelming. When deciding from the top-rated ski destinations, you'll want to factor in your abilities, when you plan on traveling and what else you want from your excursion -- do you envision a more rustic getaway, or do you want to party with other skiers after a long day on the mountain? Resort

elevations, lift ticket prices, equipment rental rates and area lodging fees are other factors you'll need to think about when choosing your ski destination.

When researching the top North American ski destinations, you'll notice how several resorts earn frequent mentions. Whistler Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, BC is among the world's most renowned ski destinations, with a seemingly endless amount of skiing accessible from a bustling alpine village. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort offers some of the best snow in the United States, getting more than 400 inches of snowfall per year. Then there's the American ski mecca of Aspen, Colorado, which is as known for its celebrity visits and high-end luxury as it is for its hundreds of ski runs throughout four neighboring resorts. The United States is home to several other great ski areas in the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Northwest's Cascade range and California's Sierra Nevada.

Need help making up your mind? Our quiz below can help you decide which top North American ski destination might best fit your needs and goals. Choosing from one of the continent's best ski locales isn't easy, but it's a nice problem to have. Whether you crave expert skiing, beginner-friendly hills, a happening nightlife or even summer-season slopes, there's a highly acclaimed ski area just waiting for you to shred some powder. Pack your bags, wax those skis and get ready for an adventure.

What is your ability level as a skier?
How long do you plan on skiing?
What time of year do you plan on skiing?
What best describes your ideal resort town?
Would you prefer to stay inside the United States?
Are you traveling with children?
Are you into glacier skiing or hike-in skiing?
Which of these other activities besides skiing would you be most interested in?
Do you have a history of problems being at higher elevations?