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How should I file for divorce?

Although hiring a divorce attorney to handle your divorce always remains an option -- and is even recommended when divorces are not mutual and uncontested -- you can save a lot of money by visiting an online divorce Web site.

Getting a divorce online is becoming increasingly common, with people wanting a quick and painless divorce rather than a long and drawn out one. Online divorces also tend to be much cheaper. There are several different sites that offer kits to quickly draw up divorce papers needed by amicable parties. These kits usually contain state specific divorce forms, settlements for both parties, sample parenting plans

and other items. Different sites offer different plans, so search around and know what you'll be needing before you pay for a plan. Most sites price their kits at much cheaper rates than what lawyers charge for their services. Divorce websites usually offer assistance online or by phone if needed.

If you and your spouse are filing for a divorce but aren't really looking to get an online divorce, the next question is often where and how to file the paperwork. No matter how you go about it, a divorce can be a traumatic and life changing event. If your divorce is both mutual and uncontested, then there are several options for getting a divorce that can help to minimize headaches and suffering for everyone involved.

Hiring a lawyer is usually the most expensive option. If you are on a budget, this might not be the best of the options for you. That being said, if the laws of your state are particularly complicated, or if you find you just don't have the time to fill out and file the necessary paperwork, then hiring an expert to do it for you can be a real time saver. Also, in contested divorces involving disputes over custody, savings or possessions, a lawyer can help you escape your marriage with as few losses as possible.

A do-it-yourself divorce is pretty self explanatory: you get the needed papers, you fill them out yourself (or with the help of a trained paralegal) and then you file them. If you are on a budget, then this is the cheapest route to go, money wise. This approach also has pitfalls, as you will need to take the time to fill out all the necessary legal papers, and find the time to file them as well. In some states, as long as the divorce is not contested, you may do so online, in others you will need to make a personal appearance.

Is your divorce uncontested?
Is cost an issue with you?
Is time to file paperwork an issue?
Do you have children?
Are there important assets to divide up?
Is speed of the settlement important?
Do you both currently live in the same state?
Are you comfortable with doing personal business online?
Are comfortable with the legal process?