Portable Oxygen Tanks

Being prescribed oxygen tank therapy can be a daunting experience. There are so many variables that go into choosing the right model, with so many options to choose from. It can be overwhelming. Firstly, you must familiarize yourself with the differences between oxygen tanks and concentrators. The tanks are a more affordable option for consumers, even though they are slightly larger than concentrators and refilling them can be costly depending on your specific treatment plan. Luckily, the cost of these tanks is generally covered by insurance for patients with a long-term therapy prescription. Of course, you want to make sure you’re getting the best oxygen tank for your individual needs, so research is crucial. During this process, be sure to think about your own needs, including battery options and how often you travel, and follow your doctor’s advice when determining the best oxygen tank for you.  The best three places to buy portable oxygen tanks include companies like Inogen, Caire Medical and Oxygen Comparison 

Inogen is a giant in the portable oxygen tank field. The Inogen brand, which holds an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, produces top-notch oxygen tanks and concentrators in an assortment of styles, with the quality of their products at the forefront. Inogen designs its tanks to suit a variety of oxygen needs, including continuous and pulse, because they understand that getting too much oxygen can seriously damage the lungs. The G4 System has three flow settings and weighs only 2.8 pounds. Its versatility includes battery options, a single or double, with the double battery allowing patients 5 hours on battery usage alone. Plus, Inogen oxygen tanks are lightweight, so you can easily travel and carry them around. It even comes with a carry bag and meets the FAA requirements for oxygen tank usage on airplanes. Inogen is covered by Medicaid and most private insurance plans. If you need to return or replace your tank, they schedule a pick-up from the convenience of your own home. No traveling to the post office or lugging a tank around! Plus, if you have any problems, their customer care line is ready to take your call.

Sometimes, Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of portable oxygen tanks. In this case, Caire Medical is a great, inexpensive choice for patients with a poor insurance plan or none at all. While Caire does accept insurance plans, their oxygen tanks are relatively affordable, with some models less than $1,000, while still upholding the excellence standards of more expensive tanks. You can even finance your oxygen tank using a PayPal credit card they offer. The Airsep Focus model weighs less than two pounds, making it an extremely portable option for patients on the go. A new Airsep Focus unit sells for only $1,500 and runs on AC/DC power, with battery options available. Caire offers standard ground shipping free, and a 30-day-trial return policy.

Since there are a lot of options to choose from when buying a portable oxygen tank, why not use a company who compares the different models for you? Oxygen Comparison is a free service that uses information supplied by the customer to ascertain which model suits their specific needs. In fact, using Oxygen Comparison can save a person even more money because they offer an additional oxygen discount.  They base their up-to-date reviews on criteria like quality, value and service. Real people evaluate each portable oxygen tank and post their detailed assessments on the website. It’s really easy to get started- you just have to fill out some basic information, including your name and email, and you’ll be set to view the discounted offers. With a simple business model like this, it’s no wonder that Oxygen Comparison has been prominently featured on major networks like ABC, CBS and CNN.

Choosing which oxygen tank is right for you is an extremely personal and important decision. It can mean the difference between thoroughly enjoying quality of life versus sitting home with a heavy machine that is ill-suited for your lifestyle and needs. With the right information, patients can enjoy the freedom that a portable oxygen tank can bring. They’ll breathe easily, knowing they made the right choice.

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