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Where should I rent a car?

Rental cars let travelers enjoy the open road without needing to worry about buses, taxis or other forms of transit. In addition, renting a car is a great way to get behind the wheel of something more exotic than what's in the driveway back home. While some people crave utility or low costs, there's a lot of fun to be had in the rental car market when you get a convertible, luxury sedan or SUV that you wouldn't normally drive. Finding the right rental car company is what separates getting a rental from being a fun or stressful experience.

Each rental car company offers its own set of vehicles to choose from with unique policies on mileage

and extra fees. Most rental companies also offer special deals and perks, so it's always a good idea to check out the latest promotions each company offers. Of course, the selection of rental vehicles offered by these companies is also highly important. Your choice of a rental vehicle will determine whether you get to enjoy automotive features such as GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and climate control.

Choosing a rental car company should go beyond simply using the first one that pops up in search results, especially if you're after a sports car or specialty SUV. Some rental car companies specialize in renting out exotic vehicles for travelers. If you're traveling for business, then you may care more about getting a comfortable, fuel-efficient sedan. Take some time to make sure the company you use works for your budget, location, and vehicle needs. To find the rental car company that will best meet your needs, begin by answering the questions below.

What kind of rental car do you want?
How often do you travel?
What is your primary concern when renting a car?
Will you need to be picked up or dropped off?
Do you require a vehicle set up to accommodate special needs?
How long will you need the car?
Are low rates a deciding factor when renting a car?