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Reward Credit Cards for Businesses

Get rewards back for all your business purchases! With Rewards credit cards, you can save big on everything you need to buy by getting a little something back. Whether spending for business trips, office supplies, shipping costs, advertising or whatever else you need for your growing business, rewards cards are great way to save on future expenses. Reward credit cards are an ideal investment for businesses thanks to their many advantages. The top rewards credit cards include Chase Ink, Marriot Rewards and Citi AAdvantage. 

Two excellent cards from Chase Back are the Chase Ink and Marriot Rewards cards designed specifically

with business expenses in mind. With the Chase Ink business credit card, you can earn points for all your business expenses, including shipping purchases, internet and phone services, advertising, and travel expenses. When used on these business expenses, you can earn triple the points for every dollar you spend. But you can still earn single points for every dollar you spend on everything else you buy. These points can then be used towards travel expenses for which you’ll earn 25% more, gift cards, cash back or even unique experiences. With 80,000 rewards points, you can get up to $1,000 in rewards. And thanks to no foreign transaction fees, and a mere $95 annual fee, this card is a low expense option that easily pays for itself. Spend $5,000 in the first three months and get 80,000 points instantly. For businesses that rely heavily on business travel, the Marriot Rewards card is another great deal that allows you to earn points for all your business expenses and 5X the points on stays at Marriot hotels. Get an introductory annual fee of $0 and get 75,000 points when you spend $3,000 in the first three months.

The Citi American Airlines AAdvantage card allows you to earn more points by flying with American Airlines. Loyal American Airlines customers can earn double the points for every dollar they spend and one point for every dollar they spend on everything else. Earn miles on all employee transactions and enjoy no foreign transaction fees, companion certificates, free checked bags, and a number of other advantages. When you spend $4,000 in the first four months, you’ll get 70,000 points back. A low annual fee of $95 per year is required.

If you are interested in earning rewards for your business purchases, take this quiz to help you find the best option.

Do your employees frequently travel for business?
Do you have a lot of business expenses for which you use credit to pay?
Do you frequently put up employees in hotels?
Do you mind paying fees?
Do you Bank with Chase or Citi Bank?
Do your employees have a company phone?
Do you want a card for yourself only or all of your employees?
Does your company have a lot of advertising expenses?