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Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

Are you on the market for a Samsung Galaxy Note 5? If so, then you should learn more about this smartphone's top 3 exciting features. The S Pen is one of the trademark features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It looks and feels just like a real pen, and makes navigating and writing in your phone much easier. The S Pen, stored in the phone, slides in and out easily for quick and simple use whenever you need it. Offering the ability to draw, write notes and make electronic signatures, the S Pen prevents the hassle of using your fingers as you would with any other smartphone. Its thin tip makes browsing websites, while clicking what you intended,

much easier.

Another great feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the Wireless battery charger. Both a practical and easier way to charge your phone, the wireless battery charger can charge your phone in just two hours. Removing the hassle of wires, and the problem with wires if you have pets, wireless charging is a state of the art feature other phones will be sure to follow suit.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also features a hi-tech camera with a 16 MP rear and 5 MP front camera, suitable for taking pictures of nearly anything and anywhere. Of any smart phone only the Galaxy Note 5 can get the perfect shot. It also features a video camera capable of taking 4K UHD video, so vivid you’ll be able to relive memories as if you were actually there. If you are looking for a new phone, and think the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might be right for you, answer these questions to help you decide.

Do you own any other Samsung Galaxy product?
Are you confused by complicated smartphones with tons of features and apps?
Do you like using your fingers or a stylus on touch screens?
Do you like taking pictures with your cell phone?
Do you constantly replace phone charger wires?
How much do you consider money in your buying decision?
Do you like larger or smaller cellphones?
Do you usually buy the latest and greatest smartphone?