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Should I buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

If you're looking to purchase one of the hottest phones on the market today, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Redesigned at every angle, the Galaxy Note 7 features a dual-curved screen and rounded back to make the Note 7 comfortable to hold while using the included S Pen. As with previous Galaxy Note phones, the Note 7 is water resistant, as is the S Pen. Keep reading to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to find out if the all-new smartphone is right for you! 

Samsung has stepped up security with the Galaxy Note 7 by implementing iris scanning - the safest security technology ever seen on a smartphone.

The Note 7 also features one of the best cameras of any smartphone today, including the iPhone 6s, using a Dual Pixel Sensor and brighter F1.7 lens, so you can capture your photos the same way your eyes see the image. Looking for a phone packed with entertainment options? The Galaxy Note 7 was designed to be the ultimate entertainment device, no matter where you may roam. From stunning HDR videos to Vulkan API games, the Note 7 never disappoints. 

The Galaxy Note 7 is currently available for pre-order through most major carriers, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Retail cost of the Note 7 is $850 and up, depending on carrier, but several promotions are currently available, so you may be able to score the Note 7 at a lower cost, or get a free Gear Fit 2 or SD memory card with your purchase. Carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T also offer payment plans, so you can spread out the cost of your new Note 7 over up to 24 months. Still not sure if the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the right phone for you? Answer the following questions to find out!

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