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Samsung Galaxy S8 - Top 3 Features

Ready for the next big thing? The Samsung Galaxy S8 is shaking up the smartphone market with thrilling features such as the all-new Infinity Display. New for 2017, the new S8 is being sold alongside the similar Samsung 8+ smartphone, with the only real difference being the S8+'s larger size. This new Samsung model keeps everything consumers loved about the S7 but with improvements in virtually area. The new S8 boasts a faster processor, more built-in memory, a superior camera, an enhanced display, better security, the latest Android OS and more. It's also affordable with trade-in and installment plan options. In addition to the Infinity Display,

two of the phone's other great innovations are its software home button and the debut of Bixby, Samsung's new virtual assistant. Just like previous Samsung Galaxy models, the new S8 is shaping up to be a trend-setter. Learn more about the top three features of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The best new feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is definitely its Infinity Display, which makes the smartphone's 5.8-inch display seem much larger than it actually is. The Infinity Display on both the S8 and S8+ actually wraps around the edges of the screen, creating a look that is truly seamless. This allows more room for onscreen software buttons in addition to your apps, webpage content, videos and more. Even better, the Infinity Display is always on, making it easy to unlock your phone and start using its features. Don't worry about battery life -- the new S8 comes equipped with a larger battery so you won't notice any dropoff from other Samsung smartphone models.

Our second favorite feature is S8's software home button. Gone is the physical button that was vulnerable to breaking while taking up space on the front of the phone. The software button is responsive and not intrusive; it's also easily activated given how the display is always on. The software home button isn't as jaw-dropping as the Infinity Display, but it's a convenience feature you'll never want to live without. And our third-favorite S8 feature is Bixby, Samsung's new digital personal assistant. Similar to Apple's Siri technology, the Bixby assistant is surprisingly conversational and responsive for all kinds of spoken queries. Send texts, get directions, set reminders and more without even touching your keypad.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 seems destined to be one of the year's hottest smartphones. With exciting new features and a host of improvements, Samsung fans should strongly consider upgrading to this latest offering. Take our quiz to see whether you should upgrade to a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 plus.

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