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Should I become a nurse?

Nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations currently. Because of the aging population, there is a high demand for qualified people. Going to nursing school instead of college is becoming a popular choice for those who have recently graduated high school.

There are certain qualities that a nurse must possess. A nurse must be able to be compassionate and be able to help calm the nerves of people who may be stressed about receiving a shot to those that have received news that they have a poor chance of recovery. There is much more to a nurse than just being compassionate and helping patients. A nurse must also be able to pay

attention to detail so that patients receive the right medication at the right dose. A nurse also must be able to listen to the doctor's instructions and follow them without hesitation under pressure. It's also important for a nurse to be in good health with a strong immune system as long shifts may require lots of standing or exposure to contagious diseases.

Those that choose to become nurses usually feel a great deal of personal satisfaction that they are able to make a difference in helping people recover from all kinds of ailments. Nurses that want to advance their careers are welcome to study to become nurse practitioners, which grants them more flexibility on how to assist a patient.

Would you still be able to be compassionate to patients if you were sleep deprived and currently working a double shift?
Do you get dizzy at the sight of blood?
If a patient's health was failing, would you take that personally?
Would you be able to follow a doctor's orders even if you didn't agree with them?
Do you have a good memory and a strong attention to detail?
Do you know how to patiently deal with people with who are scared or in lots of pain?
Are you able to be on your feet for long periods of time
Are you healthy and rarely get sick?
Do you have a strong desire to help people?